Congressman implies nukes hidden in marijuana are a serious concern

Emily Gray Brosious

missile-marijuana[Composite image credits: (SS-18 Satan nuclear missile) Clay Gilliland/Flickr CC; (Marijuana leaves) Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]


Republican Arizona Rep. Trent Franks went on CNN Wednesday, Feb. 22, to defend his support for President Donald Trump’s planned border wall between the U.S. and Mexico.

The congressman laid out a bizarre argument to explain why his support for Trump’s proposed $25 billion border wall doesn’t contradict his professed dedication to fiscal conservatism.

Speaking to CNN’s Brianna Keilar, Franks attempted to justify the wall’s high price tag by linking border security with marijuana smugglers and contraband nuclear weapons.

“The reality, Brianna, is that we have to measure all of the costs, ancillary and otherwise, and make the best decision that we can. But I can suggest to you that there are national security implications here for a porous border. You know, we sometimes used to make the point that if someone wanted to smuggle in a dangerous weapon, even a nuclear weapon, into America, how would they do it? And the suggestion was made, ‘Well, we’ll simply hide it in a bale of marijuana.’ So the implications of a porous border have national security dimensions that are very significant and that bear a lot of conversation when we talk about costs.”

“Hide it in a bale of marijuana?”



Watch: Trent Franks Warns Of Nuclear Weapons In Marijuana Bales


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