New research planned for ‘whole-plant’ cannabis in sports medicine

Emily Gray Brosious

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Medical cannabis companies partner to advance research into whole-plant treatment for sports-related injuries.

Constance Therapeutics, a whole-plant cannabis extract producer, has announced a new partnership with Gridiron Cannabis Coalition (GCC) to advance medical research into the benefits of whole plant cannabis extracts for treating chronic pain, brain trauma and other sport-related injuries, according to a news release.

The companies plan to conduct research that takes into account marijuana’s “entourage effect,” which suggests certain cannabinoids work best when consumed together.

Per Business Wire:

Constance Therapeutics and GCC will conduct research that surpasses lesser CBD-only approaches and takes into account that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is often needed for optimal therapeutic benefit, as illustrated by “The Entourage Effect.”

This partnership was formed to drive a new generation of care for athletes – Care 2.0 – in which whole plant cannabis extracts are utilized as part of an integrative treatment option to traditional pharmaceutical medications, which have had adverse effects on many National Football League (NFL) players.

Constance Finley, founder and CEO of Constance Therapeutics, says her own experience of being “failed by traditional medicine” inspired her new partnership with GCC to advance whole-plant medical cannabis research.

“After cycling through several prescription drugs with the hope of finding relief from my rare autoimmune disease, I reluctantly tried medical cannabis,” Finley said in a release. “This ended up being the decision that would save my life, and it led me to develop my own cannabis extracts and form Constance Therapeutics. It is now my mission to help others seeking alternatives to what are often highly addictive pharmaceuticals.”


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