Jeb Bush defies science, claims marijuana causes serious brain damage

Emily Gray Brosious

Jeb Bush claims marijuana causes brain damage(Photo credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Jeb Bush goes heavy on the pot propaganda at GOP town hall.

Thursday during CNN’s GOP town hall, Jeb Bush decided it was a good time to claim his place as the new reefer madness candidate — now that Chris Christie is out of the Republican primary and all.

Bush railed into “the devastating nature of marijuana,” and the “impacts it has on productivity … and brain damage.”

“The potency of this generation’s marijuana … it has serious neurological impacts,” he said. “And yet it’s laughed off because culturally, that’s an obsolete problem. Well, it’s not.”

Fact check: Marijuana does not cause brain damage. Numerous well-recognized studies support that.

Bush went on about his concerns over marijuana’s addictiveness.

“This is not some idle conversation, this is a serious problem,” he said. “Addiction in general is a huge problem for our country.”

Yes, addiction is a big problem, but pot is very low on the list of addictive substances to be concerned over.

Per Leaf Science:

According to a heavily-cited study by NIDA researchers, tobacco is the most addictive substance with 31.9 percent of all users become addicted.

Cocaine has the second highest addiction rate (16.7 percent) and alcohol has the third highest (15.4 percent).

Compared to all of these drugs, cannabis has the lowest addiction rate — only 9.1 percent of all users become addicted.

Other researchers believe marijuana addiction rates are probably even lower, somewhere between 4 to 8 percent.

At this point, arguing that marijuana is dangerously addictive and that it causes brain damage is nearly as ridiculous as denying climate change.


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