High expectations: ‘420’ party planning tips

Emily Gray Brosious

April 11, 2017: 12:57 PM CT

Disclaimer: This article contains information about cannabis which is illegal under federal law as well as under state laws in some states. This article is intended to be for educational and entertainment purposes only.
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If you’re one of the millions of Americans living a state or territory where cannabis has been legalized for adult use, why not celebrate 420 in high style and throw a canna-centric party for all your pot-loving pals?

Here’s some party-planning tips to help guide your April 20th festivities this year.


Party set up

You’ll want to supply plenty of comfortable seating, water and non-medicated foods for your guests. And you may also want to stock up on stoner hygiene products, including single-serving eye drops, breath mints and body sprays.

Cannabis-themed party decorations and supplies can amplify the 420 fun. You may want to adorn your gathering with a cannabis leaf table cloth or other marijuana-themed party decorations like streamers, balloons or banners. These decorations are fairly easy to come by. Even Walmart.com carries cannabis-leaf balloons these days.

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 11.33.50 AM(Photo credit: Walmart.com)


Party activities

Obviously, you’ll want to prepare some cannabis-related items for your party. This includes pre-rolling joints and/or blunts, preparing medicated edibles and cleaning out any bongs, pipes or vaporizers you plan to set out for guests to use. Don’t forget to supply lighters.

It’s also a good idea to offer a range of different cannabis types (indica, sativa and hybrid) and a variety of consumption options. Try to label everything and include THC content, so your guests will know what they’re getting into.

You’ll probably want to prepare some cannabis-adjacent party activities too, like music, movies or games.

You can set up a movie room for guests to take in a classic stoner film or two. “Dazed and Confused,” “Yellow Submarine” and “Super Troopers” are all good choices. Or perhaps, a game room is more your party style. Check out “THC The Game,” available at Spencer’s, or “Weed! Card Game,” available on Amazon.

You can even set out some adult coloring books and markers or arts-and-craft projects so your guests can express their creative impulses. If you’re feeling ambitious, try a group art project.

As for the party tunes, you really can’t go wrong with reggae or classic rock.



Have fun and be safe.

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