This is where Hillary Clinton stands on industrial hemp legalization

Emily Gray Brosious

A voter recently asked Hillary Clinton where she stands on industrial hemp legalization, and here’s what the Democratic presidential hopeful said:

Per Twitter:

“I think we have to explore it. It’s a crop, right?”

“We have to move marijuana down to schedule II….”

What is hemp?

Hemp is cannabis grown with very low levels of THC, and is primarily used for its fibers and seeds, which can be transformed into thousands of different products.

According to Leafly:

Both hemp and marijuana come from the same cannabis species, but are genetically distinct and are further distinguished by use, chemical makeup, and cultivation methods.

Barack Obama signed the Agricultural Act of 2014 in Feb. 2014, which includes a section known as the Legitimacy of Industrial Hemp Research. The section (7606) defines industrial hemp as cannabis grown with 0.3 percent or less THC levels. The section also authorizes universities and state agriculture departments to conduct industrial hemp research and pilot programs in states where industrial hemp is legal, as reported by Vote Hemp.

The Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2015 was introduced in January 2015, and seeks to remove hemp from the list of illegal substances under the Controlled Substances Act.


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