10 marijuana strains for arthritis pain management

Emily Gray Brosious

Marijuana strains for arthritis(Photo credit: Atlantide Phototravel/Corbis)


Arthritis is a general term for more than 100 different types of arthritis and related conditions, which include joint pain, inflammation and cartilage degeneration. It’s the leading cause of disability in the Untied States and more than 50 million adults and 300,000 children have some type of the disease, according to the Arthritis Foundation.

For thousands of years, people have reported using cannabis to treat arthritis-related cartilage breakdown and associated pain, and now scientific studies are beginning to confirm those years of anecdotal reports.

Cannabis has been shown to reduce inflammation and pain in patients with the most common type of arthritis (osteoarthritis), as reported by the cannabis strain and information database Whaxy. That’s because THC and CBD, two cannabinoids found in marijuana, have powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic (pain relieving) properties.

Marijuana is an increasingly popular treatment option for arthritis patients who want to avoid the potentially dangerous side effects of taking pain relievers such as prescription opioids and over-the-counter NSAIDS for long periods of time.

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