Did you know medical marijuana can help treat insomnia?

Emily Gray Brosious


Insomnia can be maddening — cannabis can help

You get to bed at an appropriate time, allotting yourself nine hours of sleep. But for some reason you can’t fall asleep. After hours of trying to doze off into dreamland, it’s 3 a.m. and you’re freaking out because you’ve got to get up for work in three hours.

Sound familiar? Many people experience insomnia from time to time.

Insomnia can make it hard to fall asleep, hard to stay asleep or both. According to the Mayo Clinic, insomnia saps your energy, sullies your mood and takes a toll on your ability to function as well as your overall health.

Insomnia may be a primary problem or a secondary problem due to underlying causes, but either way, prolonged insomnia needs to be addressed. Often that happens with medication prescribed by a doctor. Unfortunately pharmaceutical sleep aids often cause undesirable side effects, according to Whaxy.



Cannabis, on the other hand, can aid sleep without the risks of addiction, anxiety, depression, blurred vision, extreme fatigue and other side effects commonly associated with prescription sleep aids.

According to MediCann, patients often report fewer dreams when using medical cannabis as a sleep aid. This can be very helpful for patients suffering from PTSD.

More from MediCann:

Inhaled cannabis – preferably smoke-free vapor – generally provides an immediate effect and lasts for about 3–4 hours.  Edible or ingested cannabis, on the other hand, takes up to an hour to work, but lasts for up to 6–8 hours.  Therefore, an edible cannabis product, taken about an hour before bedtime, can work very well to help get a full night’s sleep.


Best strains for treating insomnia?

“A basic understanding of the difference between sativa and indica strains reveals that a solid indica is one of the best avenues to a good night’s rest — especially for those suffering from chronic pain, generalized anxiety, or PTSD,” according to Whaxy.

Here are a few of Whaxy’s suggestions for strains that help with insomnia:

  • Ingrid: Indica strain that results in drowsiness 60-90 minutes following consumption.
  • Purple Urkle: Indica that results in extreme relaxation and sleep.
  • Godfather OG: Another indica that is excellent for promoting sleep. Also good for pain relief.
  • Blackberry Hashplant: Indica strain that is excellent for pain relief and extreme relaxation that leads to sleep.

See more recommended strains, and read about the science behind cannabis and insomnia at Whaxy.


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