Peek inside Alaska’s first legal pot shop

Emily Gray Brosious

13076954_1051079761633109_4592084154323193818_n(Image credit: Herbal Outfitters/Facebook)

Alaska’s first recreational marijuana store opens in Valdez.

Two years after Alaska voters legalized marijuana for adults 21 and older, the state’s very first legal pot shop, Herbal Outfitters, opened for business Saturday, Oct. 29, in Valdez.

Check out some photos from opening day in the following gallery, and read more about the opening here.

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Gallery photo credits: @marclesterphoto/Twitter, @ktva/Twitter, @marclesterphoto/Twitter, Herbal Outfitters/Facebook, Samantha R Odgers‎/Facebook, @djsummersmma/Twitter, Crude Mag/Facebook, Herbal Outfitters/Facebook

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