PotCoin sponsors Dennis Rodman’s trip to North Korea

Emily Gray Brosious

June 13, 2017
PotCoin, digital marijuana currency, sponsors Dennis Rodman's trip to North Korea - June 13, 2017

Digital cannabis currency sends Dennis Rodman back to North Korea.

Former NBA star Dennis Rodman has traveled back to the reclusive nation of North Korea with backing from a new sponsor, PotCoin, a digital currency for cannabis businesses.

“Headed back to North Korea. Thank you PotCoin.com for sponsoring my mission,” Rodman tweeted Tuesday, June 13.

While Rodman’s exact plans for his Pyongyang trip remain somewhat hazy, a PotCoin news release claims he’ll be meeting with North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un during his visit.

PotCoin released a statement on its website Tuesday, confirming the company’s sponsorship of Rodman’s “historic trip.”

“Dennis Rodman is in the very rare position to be able to claim long-time friendships with both the Supreme Leader of North Korea, as well as with the current President of the United States,” PotCoin said, noting that Rodman is a “trusted confidant of the Supreme Leader” and starred on seasons eight and 13 of Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice.”

Rodman’s longtime agent, Darren Prince, indicated the star has diplomatic intentions for his North Korean excursion.

“Anyone who knows Dennis knows he’s trying to use his relationship to open the line of communication and send a message of peace and understanding,” Prince said in the release.

Rodman’s visit to North Korea comes the same day the dictatorship released Otto Warmbier, a 22-year-old Cincinnati native held captive for more than a year in the country, USA Today reported.

Secretary of State Rex TIllerson says the State Department is working to secure release for three additional U.S. citizens being detained in North Korea.

When asked if he plans to press Pyongyang for the release of detained Americans, Rodman said, “That is not my purpose right now.”



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