Watch: Donald Trump says states should be allowed to legalize marijuana

Emily Gray Brosious


Donald Trump, a marijuana moderate?

Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s political style is hard to tack down. Between his uber conservative immigration policy proposals, and his centrist, even liberal standing on programs like Social Security and Medicare, his political agenda is ripe with contradictions.

As far as marijuana legalization, Trump has recently taken a fairly moderate stance.

At a Thursday campaign rally at the Nugget Convention Center in Sparks, Nevada, Trump was asked to explain where he stands on marijuana legalization, to which he said he fully supports medical marijuana and also supports states making their own decisions about whether or not to legalize recreational pot, as reported by

“The marijuana thing is such a big deal. I think medical should happen — don’t we agree?” Trump asked the crowd. “And then I really believe we should leave it up to the states.”

True to form, he was sure to temper that progressive sentiment with a conservative talking point about legalization in states like Colorado “not going exactly trouble free.”


Watch: Trump answers marijuana legalization question


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